James Quigley for Congress

I see no better place to begin my series of endorsements than my home congressional district – Virginia’s 3rd district. Incumbent Democrat Bobby Scott is one of the most liberal members of Congress. In a recent interview with NBC12’s Ryan Nobles, Scott was unwavering in his support for letting the Bush tax cuts expire thereby […]

Blaming money where money isn't to blame

As the election draws nearer and the Democrats fall farther and farther behind in the polls, they’re trying a last-ditch effort to convince voters that the GOP is being funded by rich, evil, multi-national┬ácorporations. They’re trying to harness the anger over the Citizens United ruling that overturned limits on corporate spending in elections. As the […]

The NYT wants another housing bubble

Because the housing market isn’t recovering from the folly of government intrusion at break-neck speed, the New York Times is calling for…more government intrusion: Mortgage rates are averaging 4.3 percent for a 30-year fixed-rate loan, and the Federal Reserve is considering pushing them even lower. In theory, those low rates should unleash a wave of […]