The Government is Not a Gym

Some members of the Virginia General Assembly want to mandate that public schools give students 150 minutes of exercise per week. That amounts to 30 minutes per day.

Here’s my proposal: Let’s eliminate physical education from public education altogether and release kids from school 30 minutes earlier. Kids can use the surplus time to partake in extra curricular activities of their own choosing outside of school instead of being confined to a government dictated program. Those students that are already in shape, the athletes for example, can use the surplus time to focus on scholastics instead of wasting time in the school gym when they are getting sufficient exercise elsewhere.

“What if the kids simply use the extra half-hour to play video games or update facebook?” you ask. My answer: So what? It isn’t the government’s job to make sure your kid doesn’t get fat.


2 thoughts on “The Government is Not a Gym

  1. Excellent point.
    I think it runs into the slippery slope problem though. Why not release kids an hour and a half early so they can learn grammar on their own. Technically not the governments job to teach anyone grammar. I know this. And I know you know this, but very few others do. such is the plight of the libertarian i suppose.

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