War in Syria?

From the New York Times: DAMASCUS, Syria — The political crisis in Syria deepened Monday as Syrian forces in the restive southern city of Dara’a fired live ammunition in the air to disperse hundreds of pro-democracy protesters who had taken to the streets. The marchers gathered in the city’s main square, chanting “Not Sunnis, not Alawis, […]

Jamie Radtke Criticizes Obama on Libya

Today Jamie Radtke, US Senate candidate from Virginia, released a statement criticizing President Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya: President Obama’s decision to commit America to a third concurrent war has two serious flaws. First, the president has committed American troops to battle without the authorization of Congress. And second, Libya does not present a […]

Subsidizing drug cartels

H/T to Jeffrey Miron. Mexico’s Felipe Calderon criticized the U.S.’s “incoherent” drug policy, criminalization sans proper enforcement, as causing “terrible damage,” noting the widows of the thousands of policemen who have died in the war on drugs. In a bit of an incoherent twist of his own, the Mexican president cites difficulty in prosecuting “a […]