Progressives Lobbying to Circumvent Senate Approval of Warren Appointment

From a Huffington Post article conspicuously renamed from “Progressives Demand Backdoor Appointment For Elizabeth Warren” to “Elizabeth Warren Recess Appointment To Lead CFPB Sought By Progressives:”

WASHINGTON — Forget the buzz about Elizabeth Warren running for Senate. Progressives still want her to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she’s helping to create, and they want President Obama to appoint her while the Senate is out and can’t object. A coalition of progressive groups launched an online petition Wednesday. They say they’ve already gotten more than 150,000 signatures urging Obama to put Warren in charge of the new consumer bureau while the Senate is on recess. A recess appointment would circumvent the Senate confirmation process — which Republicans have vowed to block — but would only be a temporary assignment ending in 2012.

So much for transparency. Progressives are once again trying to push through their agenda in the dark of night.

UPDATE: Senate Republicans will block any recess appointments through procedural maneuvering:

President Barack Obama won’t be able to make any executive recess appointments when senators are home next week for the Memorial Day recess – including Elizabeth Warren, Obama’s pick to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The Senate will be in “pro forma session” because Republicans are threatening to block adjournment, Senate leadership aides said. A senator who lives in nearby Virginia or Maryland will be asked to briefly open and close the session on those days, during which time no business will be conducted.


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