Hopewell spending half a million dollars to keep people from walking 30 minutes

From NBC12:

The city wants Petersburg to expand it’s bus service into Hopewell — and thanks to a grant it appears the proposal will become a reality.

Bunny Porter has called Hopewell home for most of her life. When it comes to getting to the nearest shopping center she walks.

Nicole Bell: “How long does it take you to walk there?”
Bunny Porter: “About a half hour. It’s good exercise.”

Porter doesn’t have a vehicle and public transportation is non-existent in Hopewell, but that may soon change.

According to Google Maps, it takes an hour and forty-one minutes to walk from City Point on the James River to the Crossings Shopping Center at the intersection of Hopewell, Prince George, and Ft. Lee. In other words, it would take someone just under two hours to walk roughly five miles from one end of the city to the next. Investing in a bike would cut that trip down to a mere 27 minutes. Yet the city, already a heavy dependent on welfare dollars and public housing, is about to receive a three-year grant for nearly half a million dollars to fund the new public transportation venture. What happens when that money runs out? Petersburg Mayor Brian Moore says “hopefully it will be such a success we can find funding to continue it.”


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