Bobby Scott Running for Senate?

A heads up comes via Ryan Nobles on a few changes to (my) Congressman Bobby Scott’s campaign website:

A interesting change to a website popped up on today,  causing a faint ripple in the clam that is the summer before the 2012 election. Rep. Bobby Scott, who is still mulling a run for the U.S. Senate, made a few changes to his  campaign web site. Those changes doesn’t exactly say what office he plans to run for next year.

The site: would indicate that he is running for re-election. But the content on the page doesn’t say a thing about his plans to run for re-election to his seat in the Third District or for that matter any intention to seek the democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

As Ryan notes, the makeup of the 3rd congressional district could change a bit as Virginia Democrats want a second minority-majority district. However, this will not substantially affect Scott; he will still have his district.

Bobby Scott could be doing this as a popularity show, or he could actually be seriously mulling the idea of challenging Tim Kaine. There is certainly a place for him in the race as many grassroots progressives are not very satisfied with Kaine. Scott could pick up support from that faction, many of whom were urging one-and-done former Congressman Tom Perriello to run.


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