“Honey, I shrunk the Congress”

Once again, I am in agreeance with Dennis Kucinich:

A liberal Democrat on Tuesday called the “super committee” included in the debt-limit deal “anti-democratic.”

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said the committee reduced the governing majority down to a seven-person agreement on a 12-member committee. “It’s like ‘Honey, I shrunk the Congress,'” he said on ABC’S “Topline.”

The debt-limit agreement cuts federal deficits by nearly $1 trillion over 10 years while raising the debt ceiling at least $2.1 trillion through 2012. It also establishes a bipartisan, bicameral committee of 12 legislators charged with putting together an additional $1.5 trillion deficit-reduction package.

Of course our agreement ends at the establishment of the so called “Super Committee.” It is difficult to tell if Kucinich is genuinely opposed to this cessation of power to a small group because of its “anti-democratic” nature or if he’s simply trying to prevent any cuts any way possible. For now, however, I’ll take him at his word since he is one of the only Democrats to consistently oppose the wars regardless of who is president.

In addition to the clearly undemocratic nature of the “Super Committee” there are serious questions about its constitutionality as well. As Judge Andrew Napolitano notes, several members of Congress may take issue with being stripped of every power but voting up or down on a piece of legislation and thus may challenge the committee’s legality. The Constitution does not allow for such a “Super Committee” because it does not allow for “Super Legislators.” Giving twelve congressman greater power over the other 523 seems clearly unconstitutional to me.


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