Tim Donner signs term limits pledge, rejects Congressional perks

U. S. Senate candidate Tim Donner has signed the U. S. Term Limits Pledge, stating that, if elected, he will serve only two terms in the Senate:

The reality of a political class which assumes power early in life and which is never burdened by earning a paycheck which doesn’t come from the confiscated wealth of productive Americans is anathema to liberty and is sadly becoming the norm in America.

I have signed U. S. Term Limits Pledge reaffirming my commitment to be a citizen legislator who serves a short time in the senate and then returns to private life. I will not serve more than two terms.

As Ronald Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction and as I’ve traveled throughout the Commonwealth, voters have overwhelmingly agreed with me that lifelong members of Congress are not what the Founders had in mind and are not what the next generation needs to maintain freedom.

Not only has he refused to become a part of the Washington aristocracy, he also pledge to reject Congress’ luxurious benefits that come on the taxpayers’ behalf:

Just five years after I’m sworn in as your next U. S. senator I would be eligible for a pension worth about $20k per year. Can you tell me where a private citizen can go for such generous benefits? Only when people are spending other people’s money are they so generous. As Ron Paul said once in discussing ways to balance the budget and cut taxes, a good place to start is right here on Capitol Hill where we can help the taxpayers by not enriching ourselves at their expense. Thus, I will lead by example and am pledging to refuse any and all pension and retirement benefits those in power have voted to give themselves

Donner doesn’t stop there. Not only will he refuse to accept a cozy taxpayer funded pension, he will work to eliminate that option for the 534 other congressman:

I will sponsor a bill in the U. S. Senate to remove Congress from the federal employee retirement system. I’ve said from day one of my campaign that I have no interest, other than serving the people of Virginia. These personal commitments to serving no more than two terms and rejecting my Senate pension will serve to put my money where my mouth is.

It is moves like this that make me that much more proud to have endorsed Tim Donner for U. S. Senate in Virginia.


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