New DPVA platform: “Elected leaders should create jobs”

From the “How stupid can you possibly be?” file:

The Democratic Party of Virginia, via twitter, has unveiled their newest platform: It’s the government’s prerogative to create jobs. The DPVA is has been relentlessly querying Republican General Assembly candidates on whether or not they agree with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling’s statement that “we do not believe the government creates jobs.”

In a desperate attempt to maintain control of the State Senate, Virginia Democrats have been running away from President Obama with some even calling themselves a “fiscal conservative.” Not only will every Republican candidate for the General Assembly proudly agree with Bolling’s statement, several Democrats are likely to do so as well while very few will be brave enough to endorse the DPVA’s claim that government’s should be creating jobs. In fact, that’s just what RPV Chairman Pat Mullins, in a counteroffensive, has challenge Virginia Democrats to do:

“I’d like to thank Chairman Moran and his staff for spending so much time and effort making our point about jobs and job creation for us. Their effort is perfect proof that not only do Democrats not understand economics, but they also see government as the solution to each and every problem.

President Obama and Congressional Democrats tried government-powered job creation, blowing through nearly $1 trillion our country didn’t have with the “stimulus.” What did we get for that money? Unemployment is still over 9 percent.

Democrats just don’t understand: the private sector, not government, is the growth engine of our economy.

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