Four of five Gary Johnson New Hampshire staff members quit, fifth let go

The Gary Johnson campaign is in complete disarray. An initial report stated that all five of Johnson’s New Hampshire staff members had quit, but that story has been amended, claiming that one remained though he has apparently been “let go:”

Matt Simon, who joined the Johnson campaign early on, said he was the first to leave, but he was followed by the four other paid New Hampshire staffers, including State Coordinator Brinck Slattery.

Grant Huihui, Johnson’s campaign scheduler, said in an interview this morning that all of Johnson’s New Hampshire staffers were “let go” in late October, but Simon said that is inaccurate.

“It’s more accurate to say everybody quit,” Simon said. “We don’t want a big public thing like the (Michele) Bachmann campaign had, but definitely the New Hampshire staff quit out of frustration with the national campaign.”

Simon said he personally was frustrated with the lack of organization and the lack of money that was being put into the campaign in New Hampshire.

“They just weren’t giving us the resources needed to execute the plan,” said Simon. “We drew up a plan back in April or May to do well in the New Hampshire Primary. But there was just a lack of resources – not being able to hire people, not being able to get things like yard signs until September when we needed them in May. A lot of people meet Gary Johnson and like him, but they see he doesn’t have a campaign so they’re not going to go out of their way to support him. It’s too bad.”

Eric Jackman, one of the five local staffers Simon referenced, said this afternoon that he has not quit the campaign, but he also said nobody has told him that he had been let go along with the rest of the state team, as Huihui said happened in late October.

Jackman said he hasn’t been paid this month, but he did speak with Erik Johnson as recently as last week. But he also acknowledged that there has been “a lot of confusion” surrounding the campaign of late.

Simon, reached again later this afternoon, said he didn’t realize Jackman hadn’t quit the Johnson team, but said the other four New Hampshire campaign staffers definitely did quit.

Indeed, there are many people who were initially pleased by the former New Mexico governor but have since been extremely displeased with his campaign, myself included. Many of these would-be Johnson supporters are drifting to the other libertarian in the race, Ron Paul.

I think it’s time for Gary to pack it up and call it quits.


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