Tim Donner: Drug war is “an abject failure”

In this weeks edition of his “Virginia Voters Forum,” a YouTube series in which he addresses questions from Virginia voters, U. S. Senate candidate Tim Donner was asked about the United States’ war on drugs from a one Archie from Lansdowne:

Tim, I’m tired of so called conservatives who are fiscally conservative, but think the government should be involved in enforcing all manner of restrictions on our private lives. With that in mind, do you think the federal government’s drug war should continue as it has?

Donner’s response focused on the government’s inability to achieve it’s own objective:

By almost any standard the federal goverment’s drug war, especially against marijuana, has ben an abject failure. Marijuana is more widely available, more widely used, more potent, and cheaper than it was when the drug war started. If that’s not a complete and total failure, I don’t know what is. My conservative principles lead me to conclude that a drug which is responsible for a relatively small amount of societal harm should not be enforced at any cost. Right now the costs are stratospheric and the benefits are simply not there.

He also highlighted the increase in the size and scope of government and the negative effects of the drug war on civil liberties:

In Amsterdam, where marijuana is widely available without criminal sanction – is virtually legal – the percentage of kids who use it is less than here. Blanket prohibition of marijuana, like prohibition of alcohol, has not reduced harm and has led to all manner of state encroachment into private lives, erosion of Fourth Amendment protections, and a disrespect for other laws. I favor a de-escalation, and putting our precious taxpayer resources into more constitutionally approapriate outlays.

I’ve long said that Tim Donner is the most liberty friendly candidate in Virginia’s U. S. Senate race. It appears that this is another issue that Donner can put in his libertarian-esque column.


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