Virginia might refuse to comply with NDAA’s indefinite detention provision

Virginia Delegate and now U. S. Senate candidate Bob Marshall, author of the famous Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act, has introduced a bill into the General Assembly to address the indefinite detention prevision of the National Defense Authorization Act that President Obama has signed and codified into law. Specifically, the bill “[p]revents any agency, political subdivision, […]

Virginia symphony employees receive unemployment benefits

Virginia Delegate Manoli Loupassi has recently been alerted that members of Virginia’s symphony orchestras are collecting unemployment insurance benefits during the off-season, and has introduced a bill to close this loophole: House Bill 1254 would make symphony performers between orchestra seasons ineligible for unemployment between orchestra seasons if they performed during the last season and […]

Virginia considers marijuana legalization study

Virginia State Senator David Englin has introduced a bill that would establish an eight member subcommittee to study the impact of marijuana legalization in the Commonwealth: In conducting its study, the joint subcommittee shall examine the feasibility and practicality of selling marijuana under the restrictions and conditions as allowed by law, the impact of these […]

Bob McDonnell endorses Mitt Romney

The utterly unsurprising news from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gov. Bob McDonnell this morning endorsed Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, calling him a “results-oriented conservative” who can appeal to Democrats and independents. McDonnell, making his choice known on the eve of the hotly contested South Carolina primary, said on CNBC’s Squawkbox that he […]

Shakespeare becomes a casualty in war on multiculturalism

From the LA Times: No longer can the students discuss Chicano perspectives on history. And no longer can Martinez teach Mexican American studies. After the Tucson Unified School District board voted late Tuesday to suspend the controversial classes to avoid losing more than $14 million in state aid, the students’ world shifted. Course titles and […]