Bob McDonnell’s big spending

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Gov. Bob McDonnell is asking state lawmakers for $37 million over the next two years to fund a new package of initiatives targeting jobs and the economy.

“Jobs is still job one for our administration,” McDonnell said Wednesday at a news conference in Richmond.

The package includes $10 million devoted to fostering the life-sciences industry in the state, $4 million for improvements at the Wallops Island rocket launch site and $2 million for tourism marketing and advertising.

McDonnell also is proposing a new small-business investor tax credit, an economic development grant program for agricultural and forestry operations, and $500,000 for offshore wind energy. Some of the ideas will be presented as legislation, while others are part of the budget that McDonnell proposed in December.

His two-year, $84.9 billion spending plan balances increases in transportation, higher education and the state’s pension system with $882 million in targeted reductions largely to Medicaid and public education funding.

This would come as no surprise to someone who didn’t know who Bob McDonnell was and thought he was a Democrat governor. Of course, McDonnell isn’t a Democrat. In fact, his name has often been tossed around as a potential running mate for the 2012 GOP presidential nominee. His approach to government job creation appears to be in stark contrast to the national dialogue among conservatives, with most mainstream Republicans obstensibly subscribing to the meme that “government does not create jobs.” Clearly the Virginia governor thinks otherwise, as is symbolized by his subsidizing of Steven Speilberg’s Lincoln biopic, being filmed in Richmond and Petersburg, at a cost of $3.5 million in taxpayer dollars.

Why are conservatives so willing to give Bob McDonnell a pass on his big government approach to job creation?


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