Bob McDonnell endorses Mitt Romney

The utterly unsurprising news from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Gov. Bob McDonnell this morning endorsed Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, calling him a “results-oriented conservative” who can appeal to Democrats and independents.

McDonnell, making his choice known on the eve of the hotly contested South Carolina primary, said on CNBC’s Squawkbox that he will tell voters there that Romney has the best chance to beat President Barack Obama in November.

“My message will be if you want to win the race in November, vote for Mitt Romney,” McDonnell said. “He can win Democrats and independents to our cause.”

It took just one day after the only other governor in the race, Rick Perry, dropped out for Governor McDonnell to endorse Romney. McDonnell now benefits three-fold from this endorsement: He maintains his anti-Washington persona by endorsing the only person in the race not to have served in Congress; he joins what is, in all likelihood, the winning team thus endearing himself to the GOP establishment; and he allies himself with Romney well in advance of the general election when McDonnell will be a top contender for the VP slot.

Despite the greatly differing perspectives of the two governors, Romney and McDonnell are cut from the same gubernatorial mold. Both adhere to the conservative philosophy of better government, not that of less government. Much has been written of Romney’s record in Massachusetts, particularly his implementation of the individual mandate, but less has been made of McDonnell’s big-spending, managerial style of governing – something I’ve previously highlighted.

Video of Governor McDonnell announcing his endorsement here.


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