Dropping Mark Levin was a “Soviet tactic?”

Conservatives claim to believe in freedom. They are everywhere and every day deriding burdensome government regulations on small (and big) businesses, stating that the Washington has no right telling someone how they should operate their business.

At least, that’s what they say. Do something they disagree with, however, and you’re a communist:

Earlier in the week, conservative talk show host Mark Levin was removed from Toledo’s WSPD for disagreeing with Ron Paul, after being part of that station’s lineup for more than five years.

[Levin] explains that one of the hosts at WSPD is Brian Wilson – a man who also happens to be the program director.

“He is also a contributor of articles to a website of a gentleman named Lew Rockwell, who is a former chief of staff and newsletter editor to Ron Paul,” Levin said, adding that “this host slash PD is very close to the Paul people.”

Levin said he has been extremely critical of Ron Paul and have “gotten into it with some of his folks.”

Levin added that he was “particularly disgusted” with Paul’s newsletters.  He has also called Paul’s foreign policy “unpatriotic” and “un-American.”

But when it came time to renew his contract with the station, Wilson decided to cancel Levin because of his political views, a tactic similar to that used in the former Soviet Union.

Because he exercised his right to operate his business as he pleased, something conservatives claim they support, the program director is now a communist, according to conservatives. It logically follows, then, that every media outlet in the United States is run by communists. This includes FOX News, who famously severed the liberal half of their show “Hannity & Colmes.”

NOTE: It is utterly depressing and pathetic that I actually feel the need to remind people of this, but if you disagreed with the Soviet Union, you were arrested and sent to a forced labor camp, if you were allowed to live at all.


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