Return from Hiatus

WordPress has solicited my to renew this blog’s domain. Thanks to that, I remembered that this blog exists. Checking my recent posts, the latest is dated from December 2012, nearly a full ten months ago. Things changed drastically for me in August of that year, and finding leisure time became difficult; extraneous political commentary now had to fit into 140 characters.

Politics is something with which I have an ebb and flow relationship. While I cannot claim to ever enjoy politics, I find myself unable to escape it. I blame the fiber of my being for being wholly unable to exhibit indifference to atrocities and abuses by government. But for that I may be able to go about my day submersed in a blissful ignorance. Alas, I must care and thus, I must write.

I began this venture to explain my views to others. Through it, those views have changed considerably and it has been an education for myself where I anticipated educating others. I may not have the time to author extensive commentary as I wish, but I must make an effort to publish my thoughts and contribute to the dialogue. I would like to thank those who have read and shared my work, thus helping to make my voice matter more, and those that will do so going forward.


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