Introduced to politics by a very liberal Democrat friend, I became a Republican in high school. A part of the “staunchly conservative” wing, I became an active member of the Republican Party of Virginia, seeking to pull the party rightward. After taking economics courses in my first year of college I began to call myself a “libertarian-conservative” (paradox, I know), describing myself as having only three reasons for not being a libertarian – I was pro-life (an issue I later discovered splits libertarians), I did not support drug legalization, and I was not “an isolationist”. The more I learned about economics, the history and negative consequences of foreign interventions, and the more I was exposed generally to the philosophy of liberty, the more libertarian I became until I decided that I was in no way “conservative.”

Today I count myself as a member of the libertarian philosophy. I write to combat political misconceptions, economic illiteracy, and spread the philosophy of liberty.


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