Credit: Gage Skidmore

Bob McDonnell: Drones over Virginia would be “great”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has endorsed the use of unmanned drones over the skies of the Commonwealth: Police drones flying over Virginia would be “great” and “the right thing to do” for the same reasons they are so effective in a battlefield environment, the state’s chief executive said Tuesday. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a retired […]

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Bob Marshall’s crusade against Thorne-Begland

If there was any question that Delegate Bob Marshall “led the charge,” as he put it, against judicial nominee Tracy Thorne-Begland due to his sexual orientation, this should put it to rest: A week after making the assertion that “sodomy is not a civil right,” Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, stood by his remarks […]

Gary Johnson must refute birtherism

Responding to charges that Gary Johnson is not a libertarian, Jeremy Kolassa notes that libertarianism isn’t as rigid as some think, particularly on foreign policy. It is this sort of philosophical polytomy that has given us the choice of two libertarians in the 2012 election, both from different factions of the liberty movement. For many […]

Dear Virginia: Vote Ron Paul

Virginia has the chance to send a message. For several decades the GOP has continued to nominate candidates who espouse a limited government philosophy but fail miserably to practice what they preach. In the 1980’s, Bob Dole chaired the Senate Finance Committee and led Senate Republicans as Majority Leader, all while compiling a moderate record, […]

Did Gerry Connolly just endorse Ron Paul?

No, but this tweet from the liberal congressman from northern Virginia will leave quite a few people puzzled about its meaning: Given that Ron Paul favors major cuts in spending, reducing the debt, reducing government’s role in education, and a frugal foreign policy, it must follow that Representative Connolly is claiming that the Republican Party […]

Virginia might refuse to comply with NDAA’s indefinite detention provision

Virginia Delegate and now U. S. Senate candidate Bob Marshall, author of the famous Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act, has introduced a bill into the General Assembly to address the indefinite detention prevision of the National Defense Authorization Act that President Obama has signed and codified into law. Specifically, the bill “[p]revents any agency, political subdivision, […]