Gary Johnson for President

Our government has become a monster. No longer does Washington adhere to a philosophy that would limit its size and scope, nor to the document penned to enslave that entity to its people. Men, like America’s founding fathers knew them to be, are inherently power-hungry. For too long the citizenry has ceded power to our […]

Gary Johnson must refute birtherism

Responding to charges that Gary Johnson is not a libertarian, Jeremy Kolassa notes that libertarianism isn’t as rigid as some think, particularly on foreign policy. It is this sort of philosophical polytomy that has given us the choice of two libertarians in the 2012 election, both from different factions of the liberty movement. For many […]

Reagan biographer suggests conservatives consider Gary Johnson

Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, author of Rendezvous With Destiny and Reagan’s Revolution, is not very fond of the Republican establishment. Nor is he particularly pleased with Mitt Romney’s treatment of The Gipper: Romneyism—like Bushism and McCainism—is about wiping Reaganism away from the Republican Party. Romney has made it clear in the past his abhorrence of Ronald Reagan. […]

New Mexico: Obama 44%, Romney 27%, Johnson 23%

With Gary Johnson all but having officially announced that he will seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, Public Policy Polling included him in a poll of voters in his home state. The result? While short of Obama by a distant 21%, Johnson trails Mitt Romney by a mere 4%. Americans are more fed up […]

Four of five Gary Johnson New Hampshire staff members quit, fifth let go

The Gary Johnson campaign is in complete disarray. An initial report stated that all five of Johnson’s New Hampshire staff members had quit, but that story has been amended, claiming that one remained though he has apparently been “let go:” Matt Simon, who joined the Johnson campaign early on, said he was the first to leave, […]

Which GOP Candidate Had Best Job Creation Record As Governor?

It’s not even close: While all the GOP contenders are quick to hit the “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra, the former governors running for president have very different records on job creation. According to a National Review Online analysis of seasonally adjusted employment data (looking at the total number of those employed) from the Bureau of Labor website, Gary Johnson has […]