Right-to-work and freedom of association

In all of the furor over the passing of  the latest right-to-work law, this time in Michigan, those who profess a  confidence in the free market have found themselves opposite their own pronouncements. The Wolverine State’s newest landmark legislation, like all other so called “right-to-work” laws, prohibits union-shop contracts that require employees to join a […]

Protecting American workers by destroying American jobs

In yet another case of labor protectionism, Republicans are sponsoring a bill to force farmers to e-verify the immigration status of their workers: The bill was proposed by Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. It would require farmers — who have long relied on a labor […]

Anti-Immigrationists Shoot Themselves In The Foot

H/T Doug Mataconis. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently signed into law an Arizona-esque immigration law: Alabama’s governor has signed what he billed as tough illegal immigration legislation, requiring police to check the status of anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally when stopped for another reason. The bill, due to take effect on […]