Gary Johnson for President

Our government has become a monster. No longer does Washington adhere to a philosophy that would limit its size and scope, nor to the document penned to enslave that entity to its people. Men, like America’s founding fathers knew them to be, are inherently power-hungry. For too long the citizenry has ceded power to our […]

Libertarianism after 2012

Libertarianism as a philosophy may perhaps be witnessing its modern heyday. Its influence in shaping policy positions of new candidates has grown and the pressure on incumbent Republicans to oppose new forms of government intrusion into the economic and personal affairs of individuals is stronger now than it has been in the past. Social conservatism has been […]

Romney: Amend Constitution to require business experience for President

Pretending that the collusion between big business and government doesn’t exist, Mitt Romney has moved to amend the U. S. Constitution to require that eligible candidates for president have at least three years of business experience: Speaking at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Governor Mitt Romney decided to share an idea with his audience——an idea […]

Reagan biographer suggests conservatives consider Gary Johnson

Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, author of Rendezvous With Destiny and Reagan’s Revolution, is not very fond of the Republican establishment. Nor is he particularly pleased with Mitt Romney’s treatment of The Gipper: Romneyism—like Bushism and McCainism—is about wiping Reaganism away from the Republican Party. Romney has made it clear in the past his abhorrence of Ronald Reagan. […]

Dear Virginia: Vote Ron Paul

Virginia has the chance to send a message. For several decades the GOP has continued to nominate candidates who espouse a limited government philosophy but fail miserably to practice what they preach. In the 1980’s, Bob Dole chaired the Senate Finance Committee and led Senate Republicans as Majority Leader, all while compiling a moderate record, […]

Bob McDonnell endorses Mitt Romney

The utterly unsurprising news from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gov. Bob McDonnell this morning endorsed Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, calling him a “results-oriented conservative” who can appeal to Democrats and independents. McDonnell, making his choice known on the eve of the hotly contested South Carolina primary, said on CNBC’s Squawkbox that he […]

RomneyCare provided public aid to undocumented immigrants

Mitt Romney has been hitting his key opponent, Rick Perry, relentlessly for his decision to allow undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition in Texas. Romney even made the issue into a campaign ad: The former Massachusetts governor has stated that the educational benefits offered by the state of Texas act as an incentive to draw […]